About us

Autism in Motion is a parent led group, It is run by three parents Jo, Hannah and Terri. We all have children with Autism and SENd.

We believe in empowering parents one child at a time. We provide support, guidance and advice for parents/carers of children on the Autistic Spectrum, pre and post diagnosis. We provide access to various activities for the children to enhance their social, mental and general well-being.

We realised parents need support from others who understand what it is like having a child with Autism but also how it was difficult to access activities for our children.

We have guest speakers coming in to give parents information on subjects such as EHAT’s, EHCP’s how to access help and even Yoga therapy.

We update our activities page every month but feel free to contact us for more information.


12 thoughts on “About us

    • aimautism says:

      Hi I am so sorry we have only just seen this message, all our activities are based in the North part of the city. We have updated our activities list on our website and our June calendar. Thanks.


    • aimautism says:

      Hi Sharon, Boxing is in the Rotunda ABC, boxing gym Lambeth Rd L5 7QY. It is every second Saturday the next date is the 17th June, it is also every Sunday. It is non contact session aimed at building self esteem, it is £3 per session. Any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


  1. Leanne Nicholson says:

    Hi could you please tell me were the boxing is held and what dates please.. and i need some more advice to please thankyou


  2. Lisa Hodge says:

    Are there any places left available for the Relax Kids course in September? If so, would it be possible to book on?



  3. Elizabeth mcguinness says:

    Hi there , I’m Lizzie , I’m moving back to liverpool next month and I’m wondering what things you have going on for a child with add and ADHD. ?


    • aimautism says:

      Hi all our activities are for children with any additional need not just autism and the coaches/teachers all have adhd understanding. Our timetable is on our page and we update our Facebook weekly autism in motion liverpool x


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